Find Your Inner Self

Use the time indoors to reflect on what’s inside.

True self is so deeply hidden by years of conditioning, social norming, surviving, and striving. To find our way there, we need each other. We need each other to point out subtle cues, to help us see things that might seem irrelevant or uncomfortable or even painful. This requires a deep discernment that can only happen when we are in dialogue with a trusted tribe.

While our need to connect with others hasn’t changed, the method for getting these needs met has changed. We will be using social distancing as a way to disconnect from chaos and busyness and a way to reconnect with ourselves and others in a meaningful way. 100% online.

Groups will begin the week of March 30th and run 8 weeks, ending the week of May 20. Each group will be 60-minutes long.

  • Feel more in control and less stress in these uncertain times.
  • Keep you accountable to and intentional about your inner work.
  • Discern how your soul is showing up in your life and what your own inner wisdom is saying.
  • Help you get curious about the decisions you need and want to make in your life.

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