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Chattanooga is resilient. Our community is mobilizing to provide support for fellow Chattanoogans.


What can you do to serve your neighbors right now? 

  • Do good for others and the community
  • Combat loneliness & anxiety.
  • Shop local. It's really that easy.
  • Feel valued and part of a community.
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Practical Ways to Serve

COVID-19 is spread through contact with others. Social distancing is a crucially important public health intervention that can help stop coronavirus transmission. Best practice requires maintaining at least a six-foot distance between yourself and others. Learn More.

Shop locally to provide businesses to coffee shops and restaurants while practicing social distancing and other precaution protocols like hand-washing and sanitizing. Use delivery services like Grubhub, Ubereats, Shipt, Postmates, Doordash or Waiter.

Stay home and limit contact with others as much as possible (this includes pets). Symptoms for COVID-19 include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Contact your healthcare provider immediately and tell them you may have COVID-19. Follow CDC recommendations.

In short about us.

We're working to...

Provide a hub of resources curated by Chattanoogans for our community to get the resources they need.

"Make the boring beautiful."

"Wonder is the feeling of your brain trying to wrap itself around something so big that it knows it can't." 

"Make the boring beautiful."
David Littlejohn
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